Research and Testimonials

Case Studies

GenuEas is capable of -5° to 135° Range of Motion. A digital display provides the patient with a real time measure of their ROM as well as their progress across sessions. This critical information provides the intrinsic motivation which influences your patient’s effort during each session. Recording and tracking session data allows the patient not only to set goals but also to recognize both their improvement over time and the value of your services!

Start Recovery Sooner

Comparative case studies show achievement of greater ROM in less time than is possible with traditional therapy. GenuEase™ can be used as soon as the patient can sit unassisted – usually upon discharge from the hospital. See the case studies below for details.

“I thought all my post-op. knee patients (especially total knees) needed was my hands-on mobilization for ROM. I was wrong. I have found GenuEase is a critical adjunct to my manual stretching. My patients, particularly the more difficult and guarded cases, gain greater ROM in less time using GenuEase.”

—Darren Averett, DPT

“I have had an overwhelming response from patients about the effectiveness of GenuEase. Patients have returned to my clinic because we are the only facility that has the GenuEase. As a physical therapist I value the GenuEase because the patient is always in control which drastically reduces muscle guarding. The GenuEase is also a great way to build patient confidence because the patient receives immediate feedback on range of motion progress.”

—Tom Farnsworth P.T., M.P.T .

Senior woman exercising on leg machine at gym.

Why It Works

Patients recover a greater range of motion in less time for several reasons. GenuEase provides better isolation of the knee and more targeted rehabilitation than is possible with manual stretching, wall slides, or other traditional treatments. GenuEase supports a greater range of dynamic motion than any other method provides. But the most important reason why GenuEase delivers faster recovery and better results is the complete elimination of patient apprehension and muscle guarding.