Patient Testimonials

On June 3rd I had my second knee replacement.  The first was more than ten years ago.  The difference in my recovery time has been amazing.  I feel that the GenuEase machine helped make part of the difference.  My being in control seemed to make it easier to bear the pain and increase the range of motion more rapidly.  I used the old style range of motion machine and the GenuEase machine in the rehabilitation center.  I can say without reservation that I prefer the GenuEase machine.
- Annette Godfrey

I walk better with less pain. I have more flexibility and I am not as stiff. I feel like I couldn’t have done without it.
- Pat Ross

The machine really helped me with my bending.
- Stephanie Clarke

“I thought all my post-op. knee patients (especially total knees) needed was my hands-on mobilization for ROM. I was wrong. I have found GenuEase is a critical adjunct to my manual stretching. My patients, particularly the more difficult and guarded cases, gain greater ROM in less time using GenuEase.”

- Darren Averett, DPT

I have recommended GenuEase to friends who are contemplating knee surgery. I could control the swing both ways. My knee movement varied from day to day and I could work with it. I would recommend it to anyone.
- Jeneane Moeller

Your machine helped me get to 128º and when I went to the PT I didn’t have to work on bending it I just started building strength. I was way ahead. My therapist said she had never [had someone] do so good so quickly. Your machine is great and I don’t think I would be in as good of shape without it.
– John Payne

“I have had an overwhelming response from patients about the effectiveness of GenuEase. Patients have returned to my clinic because we are the only facility that has the GenuEase. As a physical therapist I value the GenuEase because the patient is always in control which drastically reduces muscle guarding. The GenuEase is also a great way to build patient confidence because the patient receives immediate feedback on range of motion progress.”

- Tom Farnsworth P.T., M.P.T .

Much improved range of motion!
- Lois Rosvall

I was in control!
- Ted Sandstrom

Others with me at physical therapy did not have the use of GenuEase and progressed much slower and not as far as I did. Having the machine the day I returned from the hospital was very helpful. To use it each day at my convenience was good and being in charge of how far I could push myself helped a great deal in my rehabilitation.
- Kent Rowley