About the Model 3

Introducing the Model 3

TherapEase is pleased to announce GenuEase Model 3. Based on 10 years of experience treating thousands of patients in millions of cycles. The latest model of GenuEase uses the same therapeutic action to restore range of motion, but offers a number of important advancements:

  • Stronger frame for more stability and weight capacity,
  • Adjustable backrest for greater patient comfort.
  • Improved display for better patient experience.
  • Crank swings away instead of being removed.
  • Handles to help patients getting on and off the machine.
  • Single power input and switch.
  • No center leg for patients to hit.

Call TherapEase for more information about GenuEase Model 3.

Adjustable black exercise rowing machine.
Gauging your patient’s progress directly and getting his or her personal feedback is the best way to appreciate the added value GenuEase will bring to your clinic.