June 5, 2024

The Knee Recovery Breakthrough!


In 1890, Themistocles Gluck, a German surgeon implanted the first artificial knee in a patient. It was made of ivory and iron and the whole thing didn’t actually go that well, but it was a start. The technology continued to develop slowly, and it wasn’t until 1968 that the first truly modern knee replacement surgery succeeded.

Knee rehabilitation was stuck in the 1890’s

Here we are 56 years later, and knee replacement technology has come a long way.  Today knee replacements are one of the most common and successful of all surgeries. However, post surgical knee rehabilitation was pretty much stuck in the 1890’s. Physical therapists could bend your knee and give you some exercises (wall slides!) but technological solutions were very limited and very expensive. Today, GenuEase offers the most significant breakthrough in knee rehabilitation in the last 100 years!

GenuEase is the biggest knee rehab breakthrough in 100 years!

• 1890 – First knee replacement
• 1951 – Walldius hinge joint introduced
• 1960’s – Metal on polyethylene joints introduced
• 1968 – First modern multi-component knee replacement
• 2007 – GenuEase introduced
• 2024 – GenuEase becomes dominant knee rehabilitation technology

GenuEase lets patients control their own recovery by letting them passively move their knee through the full range of motion, eliminating the muscle-guarding that comes when somebody else bends your knee. GenuEase is swiftly becoming the standard of care in knee replacement recovery.  And it comes at a price that any clinic can afford.

GenuEaseTM is a tool for post-surgical TKA and ACL rehabilitation. It provides faster ROM recovery with higher patient satisfaction, fewer surgical manipulations and reduced risk of other complications. GenuEaseTM has been proven in 10 years of experience treating thousands of patients in millions of therapy cycles.

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June 5, 2024


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