May 27, 2024

How Do You Decide When to Get Your Knee Replaced?


When I tell people that I work in knee rehabilitation, they feel obliged to tell me about their knees. Occasionally, someone exclaims, “My knees are great!” as if I had threatened them with involuntary knee rehab. The more common response is to tell me about their worn-out knees, “My left knee is bone on bone.”  I grimace sympathetically and tell them to take it easy and talk to their doctor.

When should you get your knee replaced? Well, that depends…

Sometimes people will ask me whether they should get their knee replaced, at which point I tell them I am wholly unqualified to offer an opinion on that and they need to see a doctor.  However, I have overheard this conversation between orthopedic surgeons and their patients often enough to give you the questions the doctor is likely to ask.  Are you in pain? How badly does it hurt and how often? Can you live with the pain? Is the pain limiting your activities?

Is pain limiting your mobility and activities? That’s a serious problem.

There is a feedback loop that can develop, where someone’s knee hurts, so they stop walking and doing other things, so you they gain weight, putting more stress on their knee. If your knee pain is stopping you from golfing or gardening of chasing grandchildren, it’s time to see the doctor. On the other hand, it’s not unusual for someone to tell me that they have a bad knee, but it only bothers them occasionally. Those are the people I send right to physical therapists who can often suggest exercises or bracing that will reduce their pain and extend their active lifestyle.

A physical therapist saved me from years of pain

I once thought my knee was failing because of intense pain when walking downhill, but a brilliant physical therapist gave me an exercise to stretch my iliotibial band and I haven’t had a problem again in the last 10 years, (thanks Craig Schultz!).

GenuEase™ provides patients faster range-of-motion recovery with fewer complications and greater patient satisfaction than any other rehabilitation method.

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May 27, 2024


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