May 12, 2024

The Incredible Power of Instant Feedback


I recently watched a patient rehabilitating their knee on GenuEaseTM in an outpatient physical therapy clinic. Their eyes were fixed on the display screen, a look of concentration on their face as they tried to reach a flexion goal bending their knee.  GenuEaseTM gives them instant feedback while they are in therapy, so they can see exactly where their knee is in bending or straightening.

Patients get instant feedback showing exactly where their knee is during therapy with GenuEase.

Physical therapists can set goals for their patients, to help them see where they need to be in their progress. The goals appear as a yellow line on the screen, which the patients try to reach by turning the crank to bend their knee while in therapy.

Physical therapists can set goals for patients and monitor progress over time.

In addition, patients can see their progress over time. The patient’s history, with each session represented as a bar on a graph, is displayed each time a patient uses GenuEaseTM. “Patients used to sometimes exaggerate how far they got on a given day,” said PTA Cindy Empey with a laugh. “They can’t get away with that anymore. We can see exactly what they did.”

“It’s very motivational,” said Empey.

Patients are motivated and more engaged in their own physical therapy.

GenuEaseTM is a tool for post-surgical TKA and ACL rehabilitation. It provides faster ROM recovery with higher patient satisfaction, fewer surgical manipulations and reduced risk of other complications. GenuEaseTM has been proven in 10 years of experience treating thousands of patients in millions of cycles.

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May 12, 2024


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