April 18, 2024

Athletes Use GenuEase to Get Back on the Field, Court and Slopes


A few months ago someone sent me a TikTok video which showed a young influencer rehabbing his knees on GenuEase. It was our first appearance on TikTok, incidental though it was, and I thought “We’re cool!”

GenuEase is a perfect tool for rehabilitation after ACL and MCL repairs. Athletes of all ages have successfully used GenuEase to recover the range-of-motion (ROM) necessary for an active life. I’m always excited to see young athletes using GenuEase. Soccer, volleyball, basketball and football players all find their way to the power and control of GenuEase in their recovery.

GenuEase accommodates patients between 3 and 7 feet tall up to 450 lbs

For many years, the US Ski Team has had a GenuEase device for their athletes. An NFL team uses GenuEase for their players. GenuEase Model 3 can accommodate patients weighing up to 450 lbs; in case we need to treat a Sumo wrestler.  GenuEase has been used by a 6’11” basketball player. Occasionally, someone will ask why the seat needs to be so high on GenuEase and that is the explanation.

Physical Therapists can set goals for their patients, or create limits they don’t want them to exceed

One of the features that GenuEaseTM offers to help with ACL repairs is the ability to set visual ROM limits for patients. After an ACL repair, the surgeon is going to want the patient to restrict their ROM for a period of time, then expand that range slowly over time. GenuEaseTM allows a physical therapist to set limits, which appear as yellow lines on the screen, so that the patient using the machine sees how far they can go and when they should stop. Since GenuEaseTM treats both flexion and extension, -5° to 135°, physical therapists can set limits in both areas.

  • Set goals for patients to encourage progress

  • Set limits to keep ACL patients

  • GenuEase treats both flexion and extension

We recently helped a 65-year-old ski instructor get back to work. Of course, she told her friends, so we soon had a string of senior ski instructors, some pushing 70 years old, recovering using GenuEase. GenuEase increases both patient and physician referrals. Good news spreads. Increase the good news for your patients using GenuEase.

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April 18, 2024


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