April 10, 2024

GenuEaseTM Helps Free Patients from Long Term ROM Limitations


GenuEaseTM helps people get back to their normal lives by giving them the knee range of motion they need to do the things they love. Occasionally we meet someone who has missed many years of normal life because their knee wouldn’t let them do what they wanted. One patient I remember was a man we’ll call Neil, who was in his late 50’s, and had a knee that would not flex past 90 degrees for over 30 years.

A patient with his knee locked at 90° for 30 years finally broke free

Neil was an active guy who still participated in hang-gliding and other outdoor activities, but everything he loved doing was difficult and painful for him. He had injured his knee in an accident and it had never been properly rehabbed.  After 30 years locked at 90 degrees, he got a knee replacement and began rehabilitation on GenuEaseTM. After one month, he had 125 degrees of flexion and 0 degrees of extension and he was thrilled. He gave all of the credit to GenuEaseTM! That has a lot to do with the sometimes deep emotional attachment patients develop with the GenuEaseTM machine. Personally, I think the surgeon should get the credit, we just did our part. Rehabilitation is not an optional part of the process, it is the critical last leg (pun intended) of the patient’s journey to full health and activity.

  • Patients with long-term ROM limitations

  • Athletes recovering from injuries

  • Full knee replacements

  • Partial knee replacements

  • Revisions of older knee surgeries

Neil is a very happy patient and he is in the company of thousands of others who have been on that same journey. If you have patients who need to recover their range of motion after surgery yesterday or after 30 years of limitations, GenuEaseTM can be a powerful tool to get them where they want to be.

GenuEaseTM is a tool for post-surgical TKA and ACL rehabilitation. It provides faster ROM recovery with higher patient satisfaction, fewer surgical manipulations and reduced risk of other complications. GenuEaseTM has been proven in 10 years of experience treating thousands of patients in millions of cycles.  GenuEaseTM offers a way to eliminate the muscle-guarding and apprehension that slows patients down. GenuEaseTM gives the patient control and provides instant feedback that motivates them and keeps them progressing.   Better patient outcomes and a more efficient practice are why GenuEaseTM will be an indispensable tool in your clinic.


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April 10, 2024


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