April 7, 2024

Why GenuEaseTM is a Breakthrough for Knee Replacement Patients


One of the first times I knew that we had something special with GenuEaseTM was when an orthopedic surgeon called to make sure that his mother got our machine. Since then, it comes as no surprise when surgeons make sure that their relatives get the best rehabilitation with GenuEaseTM. Orthopedic surgeons also tend to call when they have a patient with a very complicated knee.

When complications arise after knee surgery, orthopedic surgeons call for GenuEaseTM

Total knee replacements (TKA) are one of the most common, safe and successful surgical procedures in the US. However, occasionally, things get complicated. Because GenuEaseTM has been used to treat thousands of patients in millions of flexion/extension cycles, we see all kinds of patients with all kinds of complications.  When a surgeon calls with someone on their second revision following a long infection with limited ROM for over 2 years, it is our time to shine.

Patients take control of their range of motion (ROM) recovery with GenuEaseTM

We love it when a patient who has already traveled down a long recovery road gets on GenuEaseTM for the first time. It is like an epiphany to them. They are in control, and they can see a way forward, sometimes for the first time in years.

Muscle-guarding is the enemy of recovery; GenuEaseTM  eliminates muscle-guarding, accelerating recovery

When a physical therapist bends your tender knee, you are going to resist them to protect your knee; that’s called “muscle-guarding.” No matter how many times they tell you to relax, your brain is worried about getting hurt and tenses the joint to protect it. Even when you are very consciously trying to relax, it is hard to control that instinctive muscle-guarding. When you are using GenuEaseTM, you are in total control; there won’t be any unexpected jolts or sudden twists. Because you are in control, your brain doesn’t sense a threat to your knee and the muscle-guarding disappears. No muscle-guarding means that you can bend farther and recover faster.

I wish I could tell you that every patient got the optimal outcome they were hoping for, but that’s not reality; there are some biological factors beyond anyone’s control. I can tell you that about 95% of patients ultimately get the outcome they wanted and often GenuEaseTM is the tool that helps them get there.

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April 7, 2024


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