March 24, 2024

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One of the great things about my job is that I get to meet knee patients all over the country and hear their stories. That is an inexhaustible source of motivation for me. Today I want to tell you about a patient we’ll call Pam. Pam was a 74-year-old woman with osteoarthritis in her left knee requiring a total knee replacement. After her surgery, she began rehabilitation using GenuEaseTM in an inpatient facility.

Post-surgical patients can feel out-of-control, GenuEaseTM helps them feel in control

Pam was a very dynamic woman, deeply engaged in her community; widely known and widely loved. She directed her considerable energy into her rehabilitation. The sense of control GenuEaseTM gave her was a revelation. She got my phone number from the clinic and called me to tell me how much she loved the machine. She had only one complaint; no cupholder. I told her we would take that feedback into consideration for future designs. She was so motivated about the cupholder, that she had someone she described as an “older gentleman” make one for her out of scraps of wood and scrap metal. It fit perfectly onto the side of the machine and held a 32-ounce cup of diet-Coke securely.

One exceptionally happy patient referred 20 of her friends for rehab with GenuEaseTM

After her successful rehabilitation, Pam went on to rave about GenuEaseTM to her friends and neighbors. Over the years, at least 20 patients who know Pam have rehabbed on GenuEaseTM. Total knee replacements, partial knee replacements, ACL repairs, tibial plateau fractures and any other condition that requires ROM recovery in the knee all benefit for the patient-controlled approach of GenuEaseTM.

Any procedure or injury that requires range of motion (ROM) recovery in the knee will benefit from GenuEaseTM

  • Total knee replacements (TKA)

  • Partial knee replacements

  • ACL repairs

  • Tibial plateau fractures

  • Arthrofibrosis

Pam looms large in the history of TherapEase. The way she referred family and friends and even physicians has become a story we’ve heard many times since. Like Pam, patients get excited about the machine and tell other people. And they tell me; which always makes me happy.

We still haven’t figured out a way to incorporate a cupholder into GenuEaseTM, yet. But in our shop, Pam’s handmade cupholder retains a place of honor.

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March 24, 2024


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