March 17, 2024

Real Patient Stories: Transforming Knee Recovery with GenuEase™


One of the great things about working with GenuEaseTM is that I get to meet a lot of patients in many different settings at every point in their recovery.  Sometimes I’m in a hospital meeting patients the day after surgery, and other times I’ll be in a skilled nursing facility or an out-patient clinic meeting someone at the end of the recovery process.

Knee replacement patients need to get back to normal activities; like getting in and out of cars.

I recently spoke to a patient we’ll call Travis, who was using GenuEaseTM in an out-patient physical therapy clinic. Travis was close to 130 degrees of flexion on the GenuEaseTM and I could see from his face that it was a strain. I said, “That’s the kind of face I like to see. That’s the face of someone who is going to get their full range of motion back.”  Travis completed his hold time and turned the crank to go back into extension and said, “I’m a dry wall installer and I’ve got to get back to work. This machine has saved my life.”  Travis was a lateral compartment knee replacement, about 6 weeks out of surgery and his enthusiasm is the kind I see from patients every day, all across the country.

  • Full range of motion: -5° to 135°

  • Extension of 0° is considered fully functional

  • Flexion of 125° allows patients to get back to everyday activities

Knee patients are the best! They are generally healthier and have fewer comorbidities than other physical therapy patients. In fact, most knee patients are so healthy that they’ve never had surgery before, so their first experience with general anesthesia is like being hit by truck. Even a week or two after surgery, they are sometimes still dealing with nausea, constipation, dizziness and just feeling weird. In short, they feel a little like they have lost control. When they start to use GenuEaseTM to rehab their knee, they feel a satisfying sense of control.

Patient engagement has a huge impact on outcomes!

Happy patients tell their friends about their experience. When they meet with their surgeon for their follow up appointment, they dazzle the doctor with their range-of-motion and happily give credit to their physical therapist and occasionally to GenuEaseTM. We recently heard of an orthopedic surgeon who was rehabbing an ACL repair on GenuEaseTM at the same time as his knee replacement patients and he became an enthusiastic fan of GenuEaseTM.

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March 17, 2024


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