March 7, 2024

Revolutionize Knee Recovery with GenuEase™: Patient Success Stories


Welcome to the GenuEaseTM Blog, where we share patient success stories and information about our on-going product development. GenuEase is a device for range-of-motion (ROM) recovery in knee patients, including knee replacements, ACL repairs, patellar injuries and accident trauma. 

GenuEase comes from the simple observation that when a physical therapist manually bends a patient’s knee, the patient anticipates the pain and resists the therapist. This is called “muscle guarding” and it slows the recovery of the patient and makes the therapist’s job harder. GenuEase™ eliminates muscle guarding by putting the patient in direct control and letting them be guided by their personal pain threshold. Patients are emboldened by the knowledge that no one is going to hurt them and they engage deeply in the therapy process. 

Technologies and techniques for joint replacement and repair have come a long way. Every day, orthopedic surgeons restore mobility and free people from chronic pain. Rehabilitation technology has not kept up with surgical technology, until now. GenuEaseTM represents a major breakthrough in knee rehabilitation technology. Many clinics still have patients doing wall slides and using other techniques that have been around for 50 years. Those older strategies still have their place, but patients prefer the precise control and instant feedback they get from GenuEaseTM.

In addition to allowing patients to move their knee through the full range of motion (-5° to 135°), GenuEaseTM shows patients the angle of their knee at all times. It also allows them to set goals for flexion and extension for which they can stretch.  And it shows them their progress over time, saving the data from previous therapy sessions. That instant feedback is motivational in keeping patients striving to improve and coming back for more sessions. I hope you’ll check back from time to time and see how GenuEaseTM helps patients recover their mobility and return to their active lives.   

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March 7, 2024


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